Why a spare set of pads for your AED is a good idea

Having a fully functioning AED to hand at your workplace or community space is great. But if you happen to have two incidents in a short space of time, the second sudden cardiac arrest sufferer can be left helpless. This is because you can’t use the same set of pads twice. Despite many people ordering a new set straight away, there will be a period of time where your defibrillator is rendered useless. This is why it’s essential that all defibrillators have a backup pair of pads available.

Why can't you reuse AED pads?

AED pads have a gel layer to help them adhere securely to the skin. The gel acts as a bonding agent, and this is crucial for using a defibrillator effectively. Without the gel, the pads may slip off the patient, and the AED’s analysis and treatments will be inaccurate.

As you can probably imagine, once the gel has been used on one patient, it won’t be adhesive enough to be used again. What’s more, reuse of the pads is unhygienic. The gel is very sticky in order for it to work effectively, it’s highly likely that dirt, skin particles and hair will become stuck to the pads after just one use.

Do AED pads expire?

In short – yes, they do. This is because after a certain amount of time, the gel adhesive layer begins to dry up, and at that point they are no longer usable. The shelf life of AED pads is usually about 2 years, but this can vary depending on the manufacturer. At Cardiac Science, the expiry date is clearly labelled on the front of our pads packaging. This date can be easily seen through the small window in the lid of our AEDs when the pads are connected to the device. The G5 defibrillation pads also communicate the expiration date to the defibrillator so the owner will be notified of this with beeping every 30 seconds and the Rescue Ready® indicator will show red.

Why your AED pads need to be FDA approved

Ensuring your AED pads are FDA approved is the best way to guarantee that they’re in good working condition. The FDA analyses and tests a wide range of items for medical use, and decides whether the item is safe to use. This accreditation is essential because Europe doesn’t have a governing body that checks medical devices before they are put to market. At Cardiac Science, all our defibrillators and accessories are FDA approved.

Think you’ll never have to use AED pads in such quick succession? Think again. Find out how two lives were saved due to having spare AED pads to hand.

Need to order spare AED pads?

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Posted on April 1, 2019