The statistics

  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills 150,000 people every year in the UK, and is responsible for more than a quarter of all deaths.
  • The use of both local and general anaesthetics can increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in patients with cardiovascular disease.
  • Dental equipment such as ultrasonic scalers can be dangerous to patients with ICDs.
  • When an SCA happens, the likelihood of surviving decreases by 10% with every minute that passes without defibrillation.
  • There is a 70% chance of survival if defibrillation happens within 3 minutes of the SCA. This increases to 90% if the heart is shocked within one minute of the SCA.
  • 75% of NHS ambulances arrive within 8 minutes.

What’s the best AED for healthcare organisations?

We believe that the best AED for medical environments is a device you can rely on: backed by patented technology from a company with a history of AED innovation.

So for defibrillators in dentist’s offices, GP practices, hospitals, and other healthcare organisations, we recommend the Powerheart® G5 AED:

  • Always Rescue Ready® – This patented technology carries out daily presence and functionality tests on the pads, battery, and internal circuitry, so the AED is always ready to use.
  • Tailored to patient needs – Thanks to variable escalating energy and our STAR® biphasic software, the number and energy level of shocks delivered will be automatically customised to fit the patient.
  • Comprehensive indemnification policy – Our indemnification policy covers anyone using the defibrillator.
  • Unique RescueCoach™ technology – Our RescueCoach™ voice prompts and handy text screen will provide instructions that anyone can follow – from medical professionals to first-time rescuers.
  • Smart heart rhythm analysis – Our defibrillator will measure the patient’s heart rhythm to determine if it’s shockable or non-shockable – if the latter, the device will not deliver a shock.
  • One of the longest warranties in the industry – We provide an eight-year warranty on the AED and a four-year, full operational guarantee on the Intellisense® battery.
  • Built for emergencies – Lightweight enough to carry to patients with ease, but strong enough to meet military standards, our design helps to ensure fast responses to SCA.

Currently, defibrillators aren’t mandatory in public places like GP surgeries, dentist’s offices, or private healthcare premises, although the Care Quality Commission does encourage them. Until they are, it’s up to people like you to help protect patients, staff, and members of the public from sudden cardiac arrest.

Contact Cardiac Science today for AED medical advice, and our friendly team will be happy to help.

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