With the Powerheart G5 AED trainer, the instructor can:

  • Select among four pre-programmed rescue scenarios.
  • Simulate shockable and non-shockable rescue situations.
  • Use the CPR Device to assess performance according to 2015 Resuscitation Guidelines.
  • Train users to perform CPR compressions using a metronome.
  • Use a wireless remote control to vary the rescue conditions while students respond.
  • Pause the Trainer in mid-scenario to emphasize an important point, and then continue at the same point in the simulation.
  • Demonstrate automatic and semi-automatic AED operation.

Comprehensive training

  • Uses a metronome to train users to perform CPR compressions
  • Assesses performance in CPR according to 2015 Resuscitation Guidelines

Greater control for instructors

  • Use the wireless remote control to create dynamic rescue conditions
  • Pause the trainer mid-simulation whenever required, then continue from the same point in the scenario


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