How do I use RescueLink?

If you open the RescueLink program go up to Help and then select Search for Help on and a Help Topics box will pop up. If you double-click on Using RescueLink it will give you a list of actions and step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the program, download rescue files, update the date and time, etc.

My battery has two dates on it, what do they mean? Is the second date the warranty expiration date?

The first date shown is the “Install By” date, the second date on the battery represents the “Discard By” date. If you count back 5 years from the first date on the battery, that is the date the battery was manufactured.

What liability do we incur by deploying AEDs?

Cardiac Science offers users comprehensive liability indemnification, over and above what is currently available in the marketplace. If the Powerheart AED is maintained and used in accordance with the directions in the user manual, the user is indemnified from liability.

Additionally, the Cardiac Arrest Survival Act signed by President Clinton in 2000 provides AED users and acquirers with liability protection. In fact, with AEDs becoming common safety devices, organizations could be at risk for not having these devices on site.

Each state has Good Samaritan laws with language about AEDs. These laws typically involve three main elements: medical direction (a licensed physician to oversee your program), training and record keeping/tracking (of device serial numbers and locations, battery expiration dates, etc.). Ask your Cardiac Science representative about AED Program Management Services. Cardiac Science specializes in managing all three components for you to ensure legal compliance.

Who can help my facility with the implementation of an AED program?

Cardiac Science is a leading provider of comprehensive AED program management services. Contact Cardiac Science for help with:

  • Purchasing your devices
  • Arranging training
  • Medical prescription and oversight
  • Determining the optimal number and placement of your AEDs and
  • Developing an ongoing quality assurance program.
I recently changed computers so I no longer have the RescueLink or MD Link programs. I cannot find the CD that came with my Powerheart AED either. Is there somewhere I can download the software online?

Please contact Technical Support for information on downloading these programs from our FTP site.

Are AEDs reliable?

The patented Rescue Ready technology makes the Powerheart AED among the most reliable AEDs in the industry. Everyday, to ensure anytime functionality, the Powerheart AED self checks all main components (battery, hardware, software, and electrode pads). Every week, the AED completes a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics. And every month, the AED charges the high-voltage electronics to full energy. If anything is amiss, the Rescue Ready status indicator on the AED handle changes from green to red and the device emits an audible alert to service the unit. In sum, a Powerheart AED is Rescue Ready to perform when a life depends on it.

My Powerheart AED was left in my vehicle overnight and the temperatures dropped around freezing. This morning I got into my vehicle and my AED is chirping. I opened the lid and the voice prompts are normal, but it keeps chirping. What happened? What do I do?

If you leave your Powerheart AED in the car overnight and the temperatures drop outside of the normal operating range of 32F-122F the unit may state “service required” when you open the lid. If that is the case, please call Technical Support 1-800426-0337.

What is the “useful life” of an AED?

An AED is “useful” and appropriate as long as the device parts are replaced as necessary. Electrodes (pads) need to be replaced every two years and are purchased in pairs (one for the unit and one for back up). The battery needs to be replaced periodically as well. For example, the model 9146 battery used in most Powerheart AED G3 models needs to be replaced every four years and comes with a four-year full operational replacement guarantee. The model 9145 battery used in our G3 Pro carries a 1-year full operational replacement guarantee.