Natural History Museum Extends Commitment to Defibrillators

With over 5.5 million visitors last year, and a workforce of 1500, one of London’s leading tourist attractions, the Natural History Museum, has increased the number of defibrillators on site.

Health and Safety in Tourism

Five state-of-the-art Powerheart G5s from Cardiac Science have been installed at the Natural History Museum to provide better protection for the growing number of visitors and to help deal with issues around the remote location and accessibility of some parts of the Museum campus.

The health and safety team at the Museum has taken the opportunity to have devices installed at a storage site in south London and a second Museum building in Tring in Hertfordshire.

The investment was made after a visit to the Museum by London Ambulance Service. They recommended that a number of defibrillators could be added to the existing provision.

AEDs in museums

What is the Powerheart G5 AED?

The fully automatic Powerheart G5 AED is the first defibrillator to combine real-time cardiopulmonary (CPR) feedback to the rescuer, customised patient therapy and fast shock times.

It is designed to enable both experienced and first-time rescuers to provide quick and effective life-saving therapy to aid the victim of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) before the Emergency Services arrive at the scene.

Image: Courtesy of Trustees of the Natural History Museum London

Natural history museum

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Posted on May 13, 2016