National Heart Awareness Month

February is National Heart Awareness Month. Everyone has a heart. And it’s important that we understand how to keep it healthy and stay informed about the risks of heart related conditions.

Coronary heart disease remains a leading cause of death in the UK, accounting for 10.9% of deaths in England & Wales in 2017¹. That’s what makes National Heart Awareness Month so important. And there are loads of ways you can join in this year.

Heart health starts at home

Your chances of developing a heart condition depend on a number of factors. The more adverse factors you have the higher your risk.

Family history can play a significant role but so too can issues like high cholesterol, smoking and high blood pressure. Highlighting ways that you can effectively manage these risk factors is one of the major goals of National Heart Awareness Month.

It might seem daunting. But just a small change in diet and exercise can have a huge impact on your cardiovascular health. Doing more of your own cooking, cutting out processed foods and keeping to an exercise routine could significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Get Involved

National Heart Awareness month 2019 presents a great opportunity to spread awareness and support causes that promote cardiovascular health. There are plenty of fun activities where you can involve your friends, colleagues and family members too.

Wine o’clock!

It’s been scientifically proven that red wine is good for your heart².

Now don’t get too excited. Moderation is the key here. But that shouldn’t stop you from hosting your own red wine tasting evening. It’s a great way to fundraise with friends, and you can encourage everyone to bring a bottle and raise a glass to heart health.

Why not take things a step further by throwing your own themed dinner party where guests bring along dishes cooked in red wine? Or expand the red theme with dishes like red velvet cake or maybe a delicious beef ragu? It’s a brilliant way to get creative and have fun for an excellent cause.

Paint the town red

Red is the official colour for National Heart Awareness month. And there’s no simpler way to draw attention to the cause than by wearing red. Have a ‘wear red’ day at work or school, encouraging people to make a statement in their most outlandish outfits. You could even hand out prizes for whoever manages to wear the most red.

Learn CPR

Very few people know what to do if someone else, or even they themselves, has a heart attack. Would you? Take our quiz to see if you’re “rescue ready”. And check out our guide on how to perform CPR so that you’re equipped with all the right knowledge.

Running a CPR class for people in your community is a practical way of spreading the word about National Heart Awareness Month. And it could help save a life.

Get in touch with your local British Heart Foundation or Red Cross. They’ll be happy to help you organise a small CPR training event.

If you’re interested in taking part in National Heart Awareness Month 2019, or simply want to know more about maintaining good cardiovascular health, get in touch today.

Posted on February 1, 2019