Suzi Colquhorn

Suzi Colquhorn was on a regular shift at work when she was called to the shop floor for a first aid emergency. Her boss told her that there was a man in need of assistance: “he doesn’t look very well; we might need the defibrillator”.

Suzi wasted no time in instructing her boss to get the AED – a move that would later prove to be life changing.

When she got to the scene, she knew immediately that there was something wrong. The man’s discoloured face, along with the worried group gathered around him, told her that he was in need of immediate attention.

Despite never having used and AED before, Suzi followed the instructions inside the box – which told her exactly when to administer a shock, as well as instructing her how to do chest compressions and counting alongside her.

Thankfully, Suzi and her team’s quick thinking managed to save the victim’s life.
At the time, Suzi didn’t realise the weight of her actions. She simply followed her instinct to save the customer’s life. Now she often thinks about how many lives would have been affected if there wasn’t a defibrillator in the store, and how much confidence having an AED brought.
Suzi was confident and fast acting in a time where most would struggle.

Suzi saved a life.

Find out more about Suzi’s story by watching the video, here.

“When we got there, he was on the floor, and you could see it. He was changing colour. The look of worry on everyone’s face was enough to tell me something was wrong.’.

It’s more likely that you’ll witness a sudden cardiac arrest than suffer one yourself. Suzi’s actions managed to save the life of one of her customers, and change his family’s life forever. Yours could too.

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