Oliver Davidson

After being woken by his panick-stricken mum in the middle of the night, Oliver Davidson raced into his parents’ room. His dad, Neil, was unconscious, and had no pulse. Oliver had to act fast.

With no idea what was wrong, or how to respond to the increasingly terrifying situation, he sprang to action and began to perform CPR on his dad – something that would later prove to be life-changing for their entire family.

Unbeknowst to Oliver, Neil was suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and was in urgent need of a defibrillator to help restart his heart. Oliver’s actions helped to keep his dad’s heart pumping for 22 minutes while waiting for the paramedics to arrive with the right equipment.

Now, months on, Neil is able to look back on that night and thank his son for his actions, while Oliver is able to say he was there when his dad needed him most.

Oliver was calm, collected and quick-thinking in a time where most wouldn’t be.

Oliver saved a life.

Watch the video to hear their story in their own words; how that night unfolded, and how Oliver’s actions saved Neil’s life.

“My mum was in tears, in bed, saying ‘there’s something wrong with Dad’.

It’s more likely that you’ll witness a Sudden Cardiac Arrest than suffer one yourself . Oliver’s actions proved to be life-saving for his dad, and yours can too.

Remember to always stay calm and collected if you suspect someone is in Sudden Cardiac Arrest, then check for a pulse, and begin performing CPR if necessary. Find out more about SCA, and the steps you can take, here


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