Darren Nicholls

In order to get fit for the new year, Darren Nicholls joined his local Couch 2 5k running club. After completing a run, and while warming down, Darren collapsed.

He was having a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

It was then that the people around him sprang to action. Three members of Darren’s running group began to try and resuscitate him – one performing resuscitative breaths, one using a defibrillator and another administering CPR.

Instructed by the Cardiac Science AED they were using, the group shocked Darren’s chest three times and managed to regain a pulse before the ambulance crew arrived to help.

Following his resuscitation, Darren spent time in a coma and three weeks in hospital after undergoing a triple heart bypass.

“We’d finished the run, I was doing the stretches, and I basically just collapsed’.

But he survived.

Since then, Darren has undergone a remarkable recovery. He’s returned to running, and has completed several half marathons and sprint triathlons. He has even completed the Iron Man challenge.
Following his own incident, Darren has also begun fundraising and raising awareness for cardiac arrests.

Darren’s running group were fast-acting, coming together to help their friend in his time of need.
They saved a life

It’s more likely that you’ll witness a sudden cardiac arrest than suffer one yourself. The group’s actions managed to save Darren’s life – and yours could too.

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