Charles Grover

Whilst having lunch with his daughter in their local shopping center, Charles Grover was startled by a woman’s scream.

Rushing to the scene without hesitation, he found a lady holding an unconscious child in her arms. As an off duty trainee paramedic, Charles’ training told him the little girl was in sudden cardiac arrest, and that he would have to act fast to save her life.

Charles quickly instructed staff to call 999 and locate the shopping center’s AED. With her mother’s permission, he then placed the girl on the floor and began performing pediatric CPR.

After the first set of compressions were through, he guided a member of security to place the pads on the girl’s chest – continuing to perform CPR and relay information to the operator over the phone. The Powerheart G5 AED then instructed Charles to deliver a shock, which failed to bring back a pulse.

After the second round of compressions, the AED instructed another shock, which was successful and finally brought back the little girl’s heartbeat. Charles then identified that further rescue breaths were needed, as he realised that the breathing pattern has not returned to normal.
The ambulance crew then took the girl to hospital where she later made a full recovery.

In Charles’ mind, there is no doubt that, while paramedic training gave him the confidence to act, his basic CPR training and AED instructions meant the girl’s life was saved.

Charles remained calm under pressure.

Charles saved a life.

“I saw that the woman was holding a little girl and I could see immediately that the child was not breathing’.

It’s more likely that you’ll witness a sudden cardiac arrest than suffer one yourself. Charles’ actions saved a little girl and changed a family’s life forever. Yours can too.

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