How to get the most out of your AED purchase

Purchasing an automated external defibrillator (AED) is a major step toward protecting your organization, your customers, and the wider community. You can get the most out of your AED purchase by making sure the AED is easy to find in an emergency, letting people know that it’s available, showing staff how it works, and arranging for CPR and AED training by an authorized instructor. And Cardiac Science’s AED specialists can help.


Cardiac Science AED specialist Spiff Walsh demonstrates CPR for Eden Parks and Recreation Department employees. (Photo: reports that when the Eden Park’s and Recreation Department in Danville, Virginia, received an AED from the Moses Cone Heart and Vascular Center this week, Cardiac Science AED specialist Spiff Walsh was on hand to demonstrate AED use to the department employees.

“It’s fully automatic,” Walsh told them. “As long as you can open the lid and follow instructions, you can save a life.”

The Commack Patch news site reports that last month the Sports Authority donated a Powerheart AED to the Commack North Little League in Commack, New York. A key part of the event included Cardiac Science AED specialist Michael Schwartzberg, assisted by the Little League’s president and safety director, demonstrating the how the AED and CPR are used in a cardiac emergency.

Cardiac Science AED experts are a resource for communities developing their heart safety programs. In Jacksonville, Florida, Cardiac Science’s Mike Castleman was interviewed by for anews story about of cardiac screening for young athletes to detect those at risk for sudden cardiac arrest.

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