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Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has purchased 74 automatic emergency defibrillators (AEDs) after carrying out risk assessments at 14 sites.

The Nottingham branch was the first to benefit from the investment, with four Powerheart G5 AEDs from Cardiac Science now installed on site.

An internal health and safety review concluded that the Nottingham site would be first in line to receive the devices and benefit from training from specialists at Cardiac Science. All employees have been informed of the investment, and each site’s local ambulance service has also been told.

The investment in a potentially life-saving product has allowed HMRC to offer extra protection to those present on site. In the unfortunate event of an emergency situation they are better-placed to react.

Cardiac Science trained personnel from the Nottingham site, offering a vital insight into sudden cardiac arrest, the product itself and how to respond to an emergency.

Richard MacDonald, Cardiac Science’s UK Corporate Business Manager, praised the Nottingham employees who attended CPR feedback awareness seminars stretching across four sessions. “The HMRC team demonstrated a genuine interest in AEDs and the benefits they can bring to the working environment. They were enthusiastic and went away with a new-found confidence to adapt to an emergency situation.”

A further 13 sites received defibrillators, following the initial investment and the devices were sent to HMRC branches in Blackpool, Southend, Longbenton, East Kilbride, Cumbernauld, Washington, Parliament Street & Euston Road, London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Salford, and Shipley & Bootle. HMRC intends to carry out further risk assessments at additional sites.