Defib Installed At Eshott Airfield After Heart Scares

Northumberland’s main aerodrome in Eshott, near Morpeth, has had an automatic external defibrillator (AED) installed after several heart scares among older users of the airfield. While none were fatal the incidents have sparked action among flying enthusiasts who decided the time had come to get some protection in place.

Installing the Powerheart G5

Known as Northumberland’s regional airport the airfield caters for all kinds of private aircraft from twin engines to microlights and helicopters.

It now has a state-of-the-art Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED on hand, literally designed to talk a user through a rescue step by step. It is the only AED on the marketplace which gives a shock ONLY if required making it easy and intuitive to use.

Roy Woolridge and airfield owner Storm Smith helped get the defibrillator in place.

Roy has his own plane at Eshott and is a Director of WIN Health Ltd, a UK-based distributor of a wide range of medical devices and healthcare products.

He said: “It is an essential safeguard for everyone who uses the airfield. It is a large, fairly remote place which emergency services would struggle to get to in the event of an incident and having had a couple of scares we did not want to take the risk anymore.”

AEDs on airfields

Medical Facts and Stats

Several US studies document the effects of time to defibrillation on survival from sudden cardiac arrest and the consensus is that minutes count. If a rescuer can provide defibrillation in the first minute, the victim’s chance of survival increases to more than 90%. However, each minute that passes will decrease the victim’s chance of survival by 7–10% if no defibrillation is provided.

The AED has been installed at the airfield’s clubhouse building and a number of key people on the site have been trained as first responders.

John McPherson, from Cardiac Science, said that the device would help save lives.

“It often takes a heart scare to get people thinking about what they would do in a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency and the G5 will now provide immediate help as required for flying enthusiasts and others who use the airfield regularly.”

Eshott is home to over 50 aircraft and accommodates a clubhouse building, parking, and several hangar blocks. The club is made up of members of all ages and backgrounds and at weekends the clubhouse is busy with members and visitors and hosts a number of popular annual events.

It is also home of Purple Aviation, a leading centre for flying training in Newcastle and Northumberland. Roy again: “The defib will give us all peace of mind.”

Defibs on airplanes and airfields

About WIN Health

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Defibrillators for Airlines and Airfields

At Cardiac Science, we believe it is important to have an AED on site and on transportation, in case of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. To find out more about defibrillators on airlines and airports, visit out solutions page.

Posted on March 14, 2017