AED Awareness Week – Improving AED Education & Training

In a rescue situation, preparation is power. Having the right medical equipment to hand and the appropriate training to use it could be lifesaving if someone in your vicinity experiences a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). That’s why we’re encouraging people to make heart-safety education a priority for AED Awareness Week 2019.

This AED Awareness Week, we’re doing all we can to broaden people’s familiarity with defibrillators, their effectiveness and the importance of making them accessible in public spaces. You may be wondering how you can get involved, well, it’s actually pretty simple.

We’re challenging you to raise awareness about heart health and safety procedures whether it’s at home, at work, in the gym, or in your community. This could be as easy as just starting a conversation.

Why are AED’s Important?

An AED is the most effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). If one is not available when a person is having an SCA, their chances of survival are dramatically reduced. Around 30,000 out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrests happen in the UK every year and the more AED’s that are available in public spaces, the higher the chance of survival.

If someone in your school or workplace suffered an SCA, could you get an AED to them quickly? If the answer is ‘no’ then we urge you to take action this AED Awareness Week. Taking the time to educate people in your community about the risks of sudden cardiac arrest and the safety benefits of having an AED on-site is a great way to promote heart health and help keep people safe

AED Training

You do not need to be trained to use an AED, however knowing how one works and what is required in an emergency could help you act more effectively in a stressful situation. Firstly, if you already have an AED in your home or workplace, then it is important that you and others know its location and how to open it, how to respond to the voice prompts, and how to perform CPR, as this can be the matter of life or death when someone is suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. If you want to test your knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation try our ‘are you rescue ready’ quiz.

Do you think people in your immediate community understand what to do in a rescue situation? Could they benefit from CPR training? We’re taking ambitious steps to make CPR and AED training more prevalent. With the Cardiac Science Powerheart AED Trainer you can bring defibrillators into the heart of your workplace or school. Organising a training exercise using the AED Trainer could go a long way to ensuring that people know what to do should a rescue situation arises.

To find out more

If you want to know more about sudden cardiac arrest and potentially lifesaving information during AED Awareness Week, then visit our Education Hub for key tips.

Posted on May 1, 2019