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Contractor’s life saved after defib move

A decision to install an automated external defibrillator (AED) and the prompt actions of a colleague have saved the life of a contractor who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at a site in Coatbridge.

Whisky company buys AEDs for distilleries

One of Scotland’s largest whisky companies has purchased five automatic emergency defibrillators (AEDs) for some of its distilleries. The firm, which is home to world famous single malt brands, made the investment as part of its wider health and safety policy.

SCA Of Employee Prompts Investment In Powerheart G5s

After an employee survived a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) at a site in Barnsley owned by industrial services giant Cape, the firm bought 68 automated emergency defibrillators (AEDs), one for any office or depot with more than 10 employees across their global footprint.

Supply UK & Cardiac Science in new partnership

Full protection against sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) for people working in permanent or temporary locations is now a reality after a ground-breaking deal between a leading defibrillator manufacturer and specialist supply organisation.

AEDs enhance safety on Scotland’s bridge project

Construction of the Forth Replacement Crossing (recently named the Queensferry Crossing), connecting Edinburgh to Fife across the Firth of Forth is a massive project. It involves more than 900 people, some working on land and others on platforms in the estuary where the bridge’s towers are being built.

Emilie’s story: Why parents must know about Long QT Syndrome

Each year an estimated 325,000 people in the U.S. die from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The Heart Rhythm Society estimates that about 7,000 of these deaths are children and infants. In 1997, Christine Puricelli of Chandler, Arizona, lost her 22-year-old daughter Emilie to SCA caused by a genetic condition called Long QT Syndrome. The warning […]

Study recommends AEDs for bowling alleys, dance studios

A study presented last week at the Heart Rhythm Society 2011 Scientific Sessions in San Francisco makes the case for putting automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in bowling alleys, dance studios, and other non-traditional exercise venues. Having AEDs at bowling alleys, dance studios, and other non-traditional exercise venues could help protect victims of sudden cardiac arrest. (Photo: iStock) The study […]

Cardiac Science wins first major public access defibrillation program in Europe

Expect Girona (700,000 population, 221 municipalities) to be a little safer thanks to Cardiac Science and Distributor MC Infotecnica. With its order of 650 automated external defibrillators (350 will be deployed in April), Girona introduces publicly accessible defibrillation to Spain in a major way. In fact, with this initiative, Spain becomes the first European country […]

AEDs in Portugal: New law encourages AED use

Following the passage of a law that regulates and encourages the use ofautomated external defibrillators (AEDs) outside hospital environments, organizations throughout Portugal are equipping their buildings with the life-saving devices. The law allows laypersons who have completed AED training to use AEDs to provide aid to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. (Cardiac Science works closely with […]