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All UK secondary school children to learn life-saving skills

Under the latest government plans for health education, children in secondary schools will be taught basic life-saving skills and first aid from 2020. The new proposals will ensure that school leavers in England are able to administer potentially lifesaving CPR techniques, understand the purpose of defibrillators and treat common injuries.

How to store AEDs in cold weather

Did you know that cold weather can significantly affect the performance of your AED? From draining the battery to freezing the water-based gel found in the pads, the decisions you make about AED storage in winter can make a big difference to your defibrillator’s rescue-readiness. It’s therefore vital to consult AED storage guidelines, to ensure […]

Quiz: Are you Rescue Ready?

When someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), most people’s instinctive reaction is to panic. The thing is, not only is this not helpful, but it also wastes valuable minutes when the sufferer could be receiving lifesaving defibrillation. With every minute that passes without defibrillation, a person in sudden cardiac arrest’s likelihood of survival decreases […]