Bredbury Nursery Bags UK First for First Aid Skills

Brown Bear Nursery in Bredbury has been the first in the country to be awarded an ‘In Safe Hands Award’ accreditation from the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB).

To qualify for the award a minimum of 35% of its nursery staff had complete the 12-hour Full Paediatric First Aid training course and a further 35% of staff had to successfully complete the 6-hour Emergency Paediatric First Aid training course.

The scheme is backed up by ensuring official compliance information is produced and a framework of refresher training to ensure standards are being maintained.

“The Department of Education welcomes such schemes provided all are aimed at ensuring that staff in childcare settings are well trained and able to respond to emergencies quickly. I hope that the ‘In Safe Hands award’ scheme is successful in doing that”.

Also covered is a fun intro to first aid for young children called Flat Stan First Aid to help them develop skills from an early age – proven to make a difference.

AEDs in nurserys

Wendy Hartley, Director of Brown Bear Childcare, was presented with the award by Ian Kershaw MBE, Managing Director of FAIB with Shaun Ingram from Cardiac Science and local safety campaigner William Wragg MP also attending.

Wendy commented: “The In Safe Hands scheme is a trusted and affordable way of getting lifesaving skills into my front line people and I think is essential training for all. The health and wellbeing of the children in our care is our number one priority.”

“Through the scheme we now exceed Government guidelines in this area which is very reassuring for everyone associated with us.”

MP William Wragg agreed: “It provides peace of mind for parents, the wider community and is an excellent initiative.”

Ian Kershaw added: “We are passionate about empowering people to be confident in giving first aid when required. The In Safe Hands award scheme recognises those – like Wendy – who have seen a gap in knowledge and through training has equipped her team to deal with any eventuality.

Shaun Ingram from Cardiac Science, said defibrillator training formed a natural part of the scheme. “We are delighted to support this initiative and congratulate Wendy on blazing a trail here in Bredbury.”

For more information on how you can get involved with paediatric first aid training from the FAIB please go to

The Importance of Health and Safety Among Young People

Having the right health and safety equipment, knowledge and skills is vital among young people. With more importance on learning the right skills within schools, it is key to know whether an AED should be placed within your school environment.

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Posted on March 17, 2017