Powerheart® G5 AED

FAQs & Trade-In Package Details


Trade-In Package Details

Can I still use my Powerheart® G3 AED if it’s out of warranty?
As with all manufacturers, the warranty period provided is based on what we expect the full operational life of the equipment to be.
However as long as your device’s ‘Rescue Ready’ indicator is green, it should still be in working order.  You must ensure that the device’s battery and pads are still in date and we advise performing a weekly check by lifting the lid of your device to make sure there are no issues.

What does the warranty cover?
Your warranty covers any maintenance costs including parts, labour, and shipping, saving you approximately £300.

Does Cardiac Science’s AED indemnification policy still cover the user if the device is out of warranty?
Cardiac Science has one of the industry’s strongest AED indemnification policy in place and your device’s warranty does not affect this, you are still covered should you use a Cardiac Science device out of its warranty period.  However, once a Cardiac Science AED is discontinued, it is no longer covered by our indemnification policy.