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What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)?

Sudden cardiac arrest is an electrical problem that causes the heart to stop beating normally. When this happens, the heart is unable to pump blood to the brain and other vital organs. If the person doesn’t receive help immediately they will die within minutes.

Every year there are around 30,000 out of hospital sudden cardiac arrests across the UK, but, sadly, less than 1 in 10 survive.

If you come across someone unconsciousness, unresponsiveness, and not breathing, or not breathing normally (gasping), they are likely to be in sudden cardiac arrest. Call 999 immediately and start CPR straight away.

By performing chest compressions and rescue breaths, you are taking over the role of their heart and lungs, pumping blood and oxygen to their vital organs.

It is imperative to perform CPR on a person in sudden cardiac arrest, however, CPR alone cannot restore the heart’s normal electrical function. Defibrillation within the first few minutes of an SCA is vital to give the patient the best chance of survival.

Having a defibrillator nearby can increase the chance of surviving by up to 90%.

The Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund

The Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund was launched on Valentines Day 2016 by singer Lizzie Jones, following the tragic death of her husband Danny.

Danny Jones was a Rugby League Half-Back who played for Keighley Cougars and Wales International. In May 2015, aged just 29, Danny died after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) whilst playing against London Skolars.

A post mortem later revealed Danny had an undiagnosed, inherited heart condition.

Following Danny’s death, Lizzie successfully campaigned for cardiac screening to become mandatory at every Kingstone Press Championship and League 1 club, just like in the First Utility Super League.

Lizzie then joined forces with the RFL Benevolent Fund to raise money to create a fund which has since gone on to provide multiple grants to community Rugby League clubs, to enable them to purchase their own defibrillator and helping to create a heartsafe environment.

Nottinghamshire Cricket Board (NCB)

The Nottinghamshire Cricket Board (NCB) is the body responsible for all recreational cricket in the county and ensures the smooth running of the game on a number of different levels.

It also directly manages and operates all county age-group cricket in the county – there are seven boys county teams, nine sub-county boys teams, five girls county teams, as well as a Women’s team and over 50’s team.

The NCB is affiliated with 167 clubs and 12 leagues, they also support a number of volunteer organisations including umpires & scorers, and groundsmen.

The Nottinghamshire Cricket Board also supports disability cricket with Chance to Shine coaching in schools. They also provide Coach Education and Safeguarding courses and school holiday coaching camps.